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Frequently Asked Questions

How should tea be stored? 2017-07-26T04:12:42+00:00

An air-tight tin is ideal, such as the standard Peet’s tea packaging. Tea must be kept away from light, heat, air, and especially moisture. It should never be frozen. Most teas will keep for up to one year or longer depending on tea. See the “enjoy by” freshness date on each package.

What is First Flush? 2017-07-26T04:11:42+00:00

A “flush” of tea leaves is the new growth of leaves on a tea bush. First flush is the first growth after the rains for the spring harvest.

Is herbal “tea” really tea? 2017-07-26T04:09:28+00:00

No. True tea consists of processed leaves from the Camellia Sinensis plant, and is a beverage derived from steeping those leaves in hot water. Colloquially, a hot beverage made from other herbs or flowers and steeped in hot water may be called an “herbal infusion” or “tisane”, even “tea”, but officially herbal tea is not really tea.

To what categories do tea falls under? 2017-07-26T04:08:16+00:00

Mainly there are three categories of tea with different flavours. Namely, they are green tea, black tea and oolong. What differs these kinds are the processing methods they undergo.

Black tea undergo for many hours while oolong takes less time. Green tea does not go under any oxidizing process at all.

What is tea? 2017-07-26T04:07:06+00:00

Tea is a beverage which refreshes a mind with the exotic flavour of the extract of a tea leave. Even Royals tasted tea since the ancient times. The encapsulated extracts of leaves of Camellia Sinensis get brewed when steeping in hot water to give the perfect taste and natural freshness.

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